Laboratory assessment and follow-up

After potential exposure to HIV, individuals should have baseline and follow-up testing for HIV and other infections (depending on mode of exposure). Table 6 sets out the recommended schedule of testing for individuals who are prescribed PEP. Follow-up HIV testing is no longer recommended at six months. The management of an exposed patient who seroconverts is not included. The symptoms of seroconversion should be explained to all patients, with advice to present if these or any other symptoms occur.

Table 6. Laboratory evaluation of individuals who are prescribed PEP

Test Baseline (Week 0) Week 2 Week 4–6 Month 3
HIV serology (HIV Ab and HIV Ag wherever possible) X   X X
Hepatitis B serology (HBsAg, Anti-HBs and Anti-HBc)* X     X
Hepatitis C serology (HepCAb positive check HCV PCR) X     X
STI screen X  X   X
Syphilis serology X   X X
LFT, EUC X     X^  
Pregnancy test X   X  

* Individuals with evidence of previous immunity to hepatitis B (HBsAb positive) will require no further follow-up Non-immune individuals require immunisation and follow-up (to 6 months). See also section ‘Management of possible exposure to other conditions’ for more information.
Depends upon mode of exposure and mode of follow up. See also section ‘Management of possible exposure to other conditions’.
^ If clinically indicated.